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I decided to create this website in order to share my articles and point of view about the Entertainment Industry and the Data Science field. I write articles about the subjects which spark my interest and curiosity, and I am always happy to share and exchange about them. You can contact me directly by using the Contact form.

Who? Max Métral

Max Métral
Max Métral

Self-motivated professional with a successful track record in Data Science and Analytics cross-functional roles for worldwide organizations, I love to solve complex problems as much as I love to take-up new challenges. I am passionate about the Entertainment Industry and its constantly evolving paradigms, and I also enjoy writing articles from time to time.

The real challenge with Data Analytics is to ask the right question(s) and to translate the answers into actionable insights and recommendations. I see analytics as a way to support strategic decision-making, and the truth is that it outperforms human intuitions in a wide variety of circumstances.

“If you challenge the conventional wisdom, you will find ways to do things much better than they are currently done.”
― Michael Lewis, Moneyball.

I have led projects and teams across broad and varied verticals such as CRM, Sales, Strategy, Marketing, Ticketing, Sponsorship, Social and Digital Media and Consumer Research. I am not afraid of rolling up my sleeves and taking accountability for results when implementing innovative projects, and I’m comfortable with presenting my results to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

My data expertise includes Machine Learning algorithms (Linear and Logistic regressions, Decision Trees, PCA, k-means, k-NN, Hierarchical Clustering, …), Pricing Analytics, Predictive modelling (Churn, Scoring…) and Marketing Intelligence (Qualitative and Quantitative), as well as a range of software for Data Management (SQL Server, Google Big Query), Data Analytics (R, Python), Data Visualization (R, Tableau), CRM (Salesforce), Reporting (VBA, SSRS) and Surveying (Sphinx, Qualtrix).

I’m also really proud to be the President of the French Alumni network AABP, coordinating a team of very talented and driven volunteers to help students find their way to their very own definition of success.


You can find my LinkedIn profile here or by clicking the image above.

Additional content

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  • Here is my presentation at the 2018 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston around “Formula 1 and the True Value of Sponsorship” [Feb 2018]
  • ESSEC Alumni published an interview that you can find here [Oct 2017]

Guest Speaker

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2018 #TalkDataToMe
  • Google Talk (online) – March 2022
  • MEA Data Innovation Summit (Dubai) – March 2022
  • Nielsen: How the World’s Biggest Properties engaged fans in 2020 (online) – June 2021
  • Frankfurt Data Science (online) – April 2021
  • Sri Lanka Internet Day (online) – April 2021
  • ITWeb Business Intelligence Summit (online) – March 2021
  • Data Leaders Virtual Event (online) – October 2020
  • Hashtag Sports VRTL (online) – October 2020
  • AI & Business Strategies event (Helsinki) – October 2020
  • IBC Showcase online (Live panel) – September 2020
  • Data Innovation Summit (Stockholm) – August 2020
  • IoT Tech Expo World Series (Live webinar) – July 2020
  • B2B Online (Barcelona) – November 2019
  • Data Leaders Summit (Berlin) – October 2019
  • IBC Panel on Sports Data (Amsterdam) – September 2019
  • Chief Data & Analytics Officer Conference (Melbourne) – September 2019
  • Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa (Sandton) – July 2019
  • C&IT Surgery Talk (London) – June 2019
  • The Business of Sport – Technology in Sport (Melbourne) – March 2019
  • Sports Analytics & Technology Conference (Dallas) – November 2018
  • Chief Data & Analytics Officer Conference (Singapore) – July 2018
  • Sports Insight Group (Manchester) – May 2018
  • World Series of Analytics (Amsterdam) – May 2018
  • SPORTEM (Paris) – March 2018
  • MIT Sports Analytics Conference (Boston) – February 2018
  • SPOBIS (Düsseldorf) – January 2018


Visiting Lecturer

I truly enjoy teaching and sharing my real-life experience to new generations whom I consider to be the leaders of tomorrow. I usually do so either by teaching as a guest/visiting lecturer, and by working with students on real-life business projects. Below are some of the various  topics I usually focus on, alongside my current and past experiences.


  • Subjects / topics:
    • Data & Analytics within the Sports industry
    • Fan Relationship Management vs CRM
    • The Direct to Consumer Revolution
    • Data Analytics behind the curtain
    • Global Marketing & CRM Strategy
    • Working in the Sports industry
  • ESSEC Business School – Paris
    • Guest Speaker for the ESSEC Alumni Talk [2020]
    • Visiting Lecturer for the ESSEC Sport Track program [2019-now]
    • “TV Ratings Analytics” F1 data project with Strategic Business Analytics students [2019]
    • Marketing guest lecturer for the Master in Management program [2018]
  • AMOS Business School – London
    • Visiting Lecturer for the Global Sport Business Master program [2020]
    • Guest Lecturer for the International Career Day [2019]
    • Guest Lecturer for AMOS Networking sessions [2018-now]
  • Solvay School Economics & Management – Brussels
    • Guest Lecturer for the Master in Management Science program [2019-now]
    • Visiting Lecturer for the Executive Program in Business Analytics [2019]
  • CentraleSupélec x ESSEC Business School: Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics – Paris
    • “Digital Content Analytics” F1 data project with 2 student groups [2020]
    • “Tire Recommendation Engine” Michelin data project with 3 student groups [2015]
  • London School of Economics – London
    • Guest Lecturer for the Managing in The Era of Disruption and Exponential Age seminar for Master in Management students [2020]
    • Guest Speaker for the LSE Summer Events Series [2020]
    • “The Future of Sponsorship” F1 business project with Global Master’s in Management students [2020]
  • Ivey Business School Western University – Canada
    • Guest Lecturer for the Managing in The Era of Disruption and Exponential Age seminar for Master in Management students [2020]
  • Others: San Diego State University (USA), London Business School (UK), etc.

Nota Bene

This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.